Prentice Service Pack


Prentice Service Pack


The Prentice Service Pack covers the cost of your next two Condition Based Services (4 years or 2 services, whichever comes first). Brake fluid service will also be included if required before or at the same time of the second service. All servicing is carried out by fully trained Prentice BMW Technicians using only 100% Genuine BMW Parts.

Items include: engine oil service, engine oil top up, air filter, micro-filter, spark plugs, fuel filter (diesel models only).


BMW 1 Series: £546

BMW 2 Series: £546

BMW 3 Series: £566

BMW 4 Series: £566

BMW 5 Series: £666

BMW X1: £566

BMW X2: £566

BMW X3: £614

BMW X4: £566

BMW X5: £790

BMW X6: £790

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Work carried out under the Prentice Service Pack will be indicated by the vehicle’s on-board computer and BMW guidelines.

  2. If vehicles have undergone any form of unapproved aftermarket tuning or performance enhancement, any right to request services or parts ceases with immediate effect.

  3. Servicing will only be carried out at Prentice Portadown.

  4. Prentice Service Packs are transferable to subsequent owners of the car but not transferable to another car.

  5. Costs paid for Prentice Service Packs are non-refundable.